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Shi De Yang 释德扬


Grand Master, Shaolin monk of the 31st generation, Shi De Yang is globally considered one of the greatest present exponents of traditional Shaolin culture.

Disciple of Venerable Shi Suxi for almost 30 years, Shi De Yang is one of few Shaolin Masters of recent generations to have studied in a profound manner all 'three treasures of Shaolin' (Chan, Wugong, traditional medicine). This traditional knowledge, aptitude to studying and teaching, exceptional martial abilities and philosophical vision, have allowed him to have some of the more prominent roles in the Shaolin Temple, such as headmaster of the warrior monks.

Books and documentaries have been made about him, however despite the international fame Shi De Yang continues to reside in the Shaolin Temple, absorbed in his studies and teaching. To the activities at the Temple Shi De Yang has for some years added the management of his external school, Shaolin Wuseng Houbeidui, which welcomes about one hundred young students, often very poor, to whom he offers a study program composed of Shaolin and general culture.

Master Shi De Yang also supervises the European branch of his school and collaborates with numerous other Shaolin schools around the world.


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